Letters from our readers

Dear Learn and Teach
I am writing this letter for my mother. She is very sick. My mother wants to find her daughter. Her daughter’s name is Fundiswa Joyce Nongindzi. Fundiswa is my mother’s only daughter. Can any of your readers please help? My mother’s name is Lucy Qabazi. Her address is: 16 Acute Road
Grossvenor Bluff
Salakahle Oabazi

Dear Learn and Teach
I am at school. I am in standard five. My father died in 1978. My mother works on a farm. Our family is short of money. I need a bursary. Can you please help me?
Leah Moagi Trichardsdal

Dear Leah
The Institute of Race Relations can help you. They can give a list of people who give bursaries. Write to. The Bursary Officer
P.O. Box 97 Johannesburg 2000
– editor

Dear Learn and Teach
I have read your stories on skin lightening creams. I started using lightening creams when I was at boarding school in 1967. Now I have dark patches all over my face. I feel like throwing my face into a dustbin. What can I do?
Joyce Sovenga Evaton

Stop using the creams. Go and see a skin doctor at a hospital – editor

Dear Learn and Teach
I like your magazine very much. I like writing short stories. I have written some stories already. Can I send the stories to you?
Ali Hlongwane

Please send us your stories. If your stories are good, we will print them. We want our readers to write stories for the magazine. – editor.

Dear Learn and Teach
Can you please send me a list of trade unions?
Joseph Matlamela E landsfontein

Many readers have asked us about trade unions. We will print a list of all the trade unions soon.- – editor


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