“I am a domestic worker”

My name is Gladys Khumalo. I am a domestic worker in Natal. Here is a picture of me. I  work very hard. I must work hard because I need money for my child. I earn R50 a month. This is not much money. Sometimes I get angry because I work hard for so little money.

I make lunch every day. I cook in the kitchen. I fry meat and I boil vegetables.

At 12 O’clock I lay the table for lunch. When the family is eating, I go outside. I go to have my lunch. I have lunch with Martha. Martha works in the garden. We have lunch together and we talk about our families. We have coffee and bread and meat

After lunch, I wash the dishes. There are a lot of dishes! Then I must clean the house. I must look after the children until 7 O’clock.

Here is a picture of my room. I live in the back yard, by the dustbins. It is not nice. The room is too small. But I have got some nice things. I have got a radio next to my bed. I have got a mirror and a book next to my radio. I have got a chair and table. There is a clock on the table. I have a primus stove in my room. I make coffee with it. I made a beautiful cloth for the table. That makes my room nice.


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